Friday, 8 June 2018

Spring , or is it Summer?

When I was a child I could sunbathe for hours. Those days are over. I am no longer a child, and longer I want to be in the heath. But May was warm, very warm. Ofcourse I do like the sun, but that heath ... it is just not my 'thing' anymore. And when it is hot I am not a very productive person, my house becomes a mess, and everthing is just too much. I literally have trouble breathing.
Our garden was very happy with the warm temperatures though. Look at those fab raspberries. And the little pear tree is also full of pears-to-be.


My French castle plant, as I call it, has yet survived another Winter. A couple of years ago we visited my sister-in-law, who lives in France, and there I picked a little sprout from a castle wall. Yes, I know that is not allowed (I think?), but I just couldn't resist. This little sprout grows and grows, I have now five pots of castle plants. They are so easy to cut. Don't know the name of this plant, unfortunately.

The turtle is not ours, I found it when I was on my way home on my bicycle from shopping. It was sitting in the grass, next to a ditch crawling towards the road. I took it home and called the Dierenambulance (Animal Rescue Center), asked them what to do. Apparently turtles are dumped a lot! Anyway, I could not bring it back, cars would kill it, so I brought it to the pond behind our house. There are no roads there and there 's plenty of food. Later that afternoon I went to check upon him, but he was gone. Anyway, I hope "Billy" is okay.

Monday, 4 June 2018

Cronelia's Picknickdeken - de rand

Het is de laatste week van de CAL Picknickdeken. We gaan de rand haken. Ik hoop dat jullie met plezier aan deze snelle 'tussendoor' CAL hebben gehaakt en ik ben benieuwd naar jullie dekens. Het laatste patroon vind je hier.

Je foto's kun je plaatsen in Facebookgroep 'De Haakhoeve'.

Iedereen die de Picknickdeken heeft gehaakt: hartelijk dank!

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Friday, 1 June 2018

Project 333 ... one month later

It's one month ago I started my first Project 333 (by Courtney Carver). You can read about it here (in Dutch only, sorry, but there are pictures too 😀) So, a little review how it all went.

The first day of May was a very cold one, here in The Netherlands. The day before I had organized my closet, but on May 1st I already had to make a change. I needed some socks and warm shoes. It really was too cold for ballerina's or clogs (I wear these without socks). So I swapped my clogs (the ones with the lovely flower decoration) for a pair of shoes. Shoes I have bought second hand years ago and don't wear very often.

I only wore them that first day, by the way. But then May became warmer and warmer. On the chillier days I wore my linnen trousers or my jeans, but what I have worn most of the time were my dresses. There are six dresses on my list and so far five were worn. As I had all of my clothing hangers with the closed side pointed at the wall I can see what I have been wearing. I still haven't worn everything from my current Project 333-items, like the two white blouses. 

And that's rather weird as I love to wear white blouses, and shirts. Talking about shirts. A couple of my white t-shirts have staint and tiny holes. They have got to go, but I won't throw them away yet. Must wear them two more months.
So, what is my opinion on this Project 333 so far? I think it's great. In the morning there are hardly any doubts about what to wear. In the first few days I had to bear in mind what I wanted to wear on certain events a couple of days ahead. No problem whatsoever.

At the end of May, when we had temperature records over here I bought a pair of flip flops (€1,79). It was only when I got home, I remembered I wasn't "allowed" to do that.
But, then again, I've sold my lovely flower-clogs 😥 (they didn't fit me properly) ...

I really don't miss any of my other clothes. And I still do the laundry two, sometimes three times, a week, so I have plenty of items to wear.
Right, one month done, two more to go. I can do this. So can you.


Wednesday, 30 May 2018

Update week 4 Picknickdeken

Bij deze een aangepaste versie, ik had de kleuren verkeerd genoteerd. Sorry ... 😏

Barley moet Gold zijn en Cloud moet Baby Blue zijn.

Monday, 28 May 2018

Cronelia's Picknickdeken - week 4

De deken is bijna af, volgende week het laatste deel! 
Maar eerst gaan we verder met deel 4.

Veel plezier met haken!

Je kunt je vorderingen laten zien in onze Facebookgroep De Haakhoeve:

Monday, 21 May 2018

Cronelia's Picknickdeken - week 3

Het is heerlijk Pinksterweer, een prima dag om verder te haken aan de Picknickdeken.

Week 3 vind je hier.

Veel plezier met haken! 

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Monday, 7 May 2018

Cronelia's Picknickdeken - week 2

Deze week 2 van Cronelia's Picknickdeken. We gaan verder met twaalf kleinere granny squares.
Hier vind je de link naar het patroon. 

Op 21 mei komt deel 3.

Veel plezier met haken!