Friday, 24 June 2016

About the Knit 'n Natter in Skipton and Yarn in Bradford

In my previous blog post I mentioned I moved blog. Soon I will lose all of the content of that other blog, so I thought it would be nice to copy one of my 'old' blog posts. And as the UK leaves the EU :-( I thought it would be nice to write about our holiday to Yorkshire last year. I really do love the UK ....

Yes, Cambridge was gorgeous, Fountains Abbey impressive and the Steep Hill in Lincoln a challenge, but what gave me most fun this holiday was the Knit 'n Natter-morning in Skipton. I no longer can wait to tell you about the fun Friday I had, last week.

I was utterly nervous that morning, as I was going to meet some very talented, world-wide-famous and big names of the crochet world. I am not a group-person and not good with groups and strangers at all. I say the wrong words and I can't find the correct words to express myself. I hope I haven't offend anyone that morning ...
Anyway, we parked at Tesco's and it is only a short walk from there to Coopers Cafe, but of course I took the wrong turn. People living in Skipton are now raising their eyebrow ("You got lost?
From Tesco to Coopers Cafe? Seriously??").

And then I saw Coopers Cafe's sign and I walked in. There was a woman standing at the counter, ordering her cappuccino and of course I recognized Lucy, even if I only saw the back of her. When she turned around and I introduced myself she gave me hug and made all the nervous trembles disappear. Well, most of them. It was funny when she said to the lady at the counter: "This is Corine, from Belgium."
I helped her carrying a big box upstairs, all flowers for Yarndale, and when entering the room I met the other ladies. One of them was Kathryn, well-known from the blog Crafternoon Treats. Another hug I got and there was no need to feel nervous any longer after this heart-warming welcome from all the ladies.

 Knit 'n Natter

I felt humble and honoured to be in the company of such talented and sweet women. I also met Eleanor who has the cutest girls ever. Eleanor can talk and crochet at the same time without looking at her work and with so much speed! She was working on the Harmony blanket and it looked great.

Lucy was working on a banner for Yarndale, which is now finished and Kathryn used the Harmony-colours for another project. It was so nice to talk about yarn and crochet with kindred spirits, to drink coffee and having a laugh. I just could have stayed there all day. But I couldn't as I had other plans that afternoon.

Of course we needed to take some photos, but my ugly face is not suitable for photos. Don't say that is not true, because it is. Proof is on these pics .... they were good for a laugh, though.

Lucy showed me her Studio, such a lovely room and it was weird to see all of her projects 'live'. It is a warm and vibrant room with lots of colourful and inspiring crochet.

And I could touch them (tried not to)! After saying our goodbyes (please, may I come back?), Yarndale bagbuying a Yarndale bag (yay!) K and I went into town (I made a quick visit to Purl and Jane), but it was so busy with cars and traffic that we headed for lunch almost straight away.

We ended up at Craven Court and had a tasteful lunch at the Hemingway's Tearoom. I had toast with cinnamon, something I never had before.

But ooww, that was nice! I have to make that at home, too. I might as well start with that today ...

And I spotted some very bright pink Geraniums. Now, the very bright screaming colours are not really my cup of tea, but I begin to like them more and more, the bright ones, I mean. It all depends on the other colours you combine them with. This bright pink colour looks like the colour Lucy showed me in her new sample, for her new blanket.

In the afternoon we had a meeting in Bradford, with our yarn supplier Cygnet Yarns. We didn't see much of the city itself, the traffic was pretty awful (we drove a motor home, remember) so not much sight seeing that afternoon.
So far I only spoke with the Cygnet team via e-mail, and it was great to finally meet the faces behind the e-mails.

We talked about the business, my book plans and I got some very luscious yarns to try at home. Thank you, Katie!
When reading this all back I can hardly believe it's almost a year ago. Times flies, so fast. Capture the moments and treasure the pretty memories ...

 Bye for now .... (me in a stunning car in Lincoln)


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