Tuesday, 14 June 2016

When in need for a basket ...

Hello! Yes, I am at blogspot now, as I keep having problems with Wordpress. So I give this a go, we'll see how I'll like blogspot, or not. I might go back to Wordpress, don't know yet ...
A week ago I went to the thriftshop as I was in urgent need of a basket. It is a bit of a mess on my desk as you can see on the photo and I thought a basket would help to organize the clutter. The first thing I spotted when I arrived at the thriftshop was a green wicker chair I instantly needed. And then I saw a nice little basket, just what I was looking for. It had the right size for what I had in mind. It only need a bit of a make-over. With crochet. 
I paid for my treasures and brought it into my little car. Now I happen to love thriftshops. You never know what to find, as sometimes very often you bump into stuff you didn't know you really needed. This happenend to me when I walked into the shop. I immediately spotted those four binders. It's a craft course, from the eighties. And although I'm on a strict book diet, I just had to buy them.
They were only one euro fifty each and they have lots and lots of patterns in it. What my eyes also saw were some pretty cups with flowers and a lovely basket with a handle. Perfect for yarn! I just happen to have a very soft spot for wicker baskets, can't help it.

While I was working on my lining Pippi used the basket as a bed. It didn't take long to finish the lining and the next day my new second hand basket was in use. Very happy with it! I jotted down the pattern of the lining, but give me some time to write it down properly.

Bye for now ...



  1. Thank you, Isabelle! :-D And thanks again for mentioning the blog was 'closed'.