Wednesday, 7 September 2016

About crocheted blankets

A couple of weeks ago I sold one of my blankets in my Etsy-shop. Now, this always makes me a bit nervous as you never know the buyer will be pleased with it. This particular blanket went all the way to the USA! A long way from home, that is. Amerika, and Canada as well, are still on my -very short- bucketlist. Maybe, next time I can bring the blanket myself. ;-)
The blanket I sold was one of the first blankets I made and it was my third ripple blanket. The pattern I used I found in a book called "100 Bright and Colourful Granny Squares to Mix and Match" (in het Nederlands: "100 Granny Squares") by Leonie Morgan.
This book also contains another zigzag pattern which I used for my green zigzagblanket, but the pattern I used for the colourful blanket is my favourite. I can not write down the pattern due to copyrights, but you can always borrow the book at the library or buy it in a bookshop. I bought mine at the 'Boekenvoordeel' for €7,95. 
My first zigzag blanket with this pattern was my blue and green one. Rather crooked and with a couple mistakes in it. But hey, I was still learning how to crochet....
We, well K does, use it on the sofa and it's very comfy on those chilly autumn evenings. But I think it is about time I make another blanket for the sofa as this one is rather 'dilapidated' (I just like that word).

I have used lots of colours for the ripple blanket and I remember I was working on it during the Spring and Summer. And that's why I called it my Spring Ripple blanket. It has the colours of pretty Summer and Spring flowers: roses and daisies, and tulips and lavender, and fresh grass and columbine. Now, I am not really the extreme colourful type, but these colours brightend my mood. How could it not. Look at those happy colours! I absolutely loved working on this blanket.
When I wanted to take photos of the blanket I just new it had to be done outdoors. With a green background. Luckily we have grass in our garden.
Now, when selling something on Etsy I always hope for a review, preferably a positive one. And this buyer gave me five stars! I was so happy, and honoured, with that. But not only she gave the blanket five stars, she also uploaded a photo on my Etsy-page with the blanket already in use.
It is a very special photo, you see. Just have a look at it. I really hope my blanket gives the person who is using it a bit joy and comfort.
I can still remember the striped curtains and the pale yellow blanket when I was in hospital at the ICU-ward, years ago. They were not that colourful. So yes, I think colours can help a bit when you are not feeling well. At least they can give some positive vibes to your state of mind.
Once again, thank you, Mrs. T., for purchasing my blanket, and for the very impressive photo. I wish your beloved one a speedy recovery.


  1. How wonderful to know that your beautiful blanket is bringing comfort to someone at the other side of the world xx