Monday, 26 September 2016

Weird September

This is such a weird time of the year. It's September, nearly October, and we still enjoy sunshine and sitting outside like it is Summer. Yesterday it 29 degrees! I happen to like September, it has such pretty colours, especially with this Indian Summer we're experience now.
 And September has nice fruit, like apples and pears and grapes.
We can pick our pears from our little pear tree and enjoy our grapes. They did 'shrink' a bit, due to the lack of rain. Yes, we could do with a bit of rain over here.
 I bought some Erica to place it in front of my window. It looks nice, I think, very Autumn-ish. 
It has such warm and vibrant Autumn colours.
This time of the year is always a good time to make more blankets. I have totally neglected my giant granny square blanket, but I'll finish it this Winter. I think. There are so many more other crochet WiP's I am currently working on, some I can't show you yet. But I can show you this one:
The blanket on the chair is another neglected WiP. Really, must finish it. I really do like the colours and the pattern is an easy one. It doesn't invlove a lot of thinking, and it's a perfect project when watching tv. Or listening to tv, because when I crochet I do listen to the telly, but I do miss a lot of the program itself! But first, I am in desperate need to bake something. We picked these apples when K an I went for a bike ride and spotted a lonely apple tree. I think these apples will be very nice in an apple pie ...

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