Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Yarn day

O yes, Autumn is really there. You can feel it, it's chillier, and the garden is slowly covering with leaves. I am even wearing socks, since the 1st of October. But Autumn is great, it's perfect for baking pies with pears, long hours of crochet and playing with yarn. And that brings me to the subject of this blog post. I missed -unfortunately- my horseback-riding lesson this morning, 'cause I had to stay at home. Why? Well, it's yarn day today. Really, it is. :-D Today I received my order, some lovely, luscious yarn from Cygnet Yarns for my webshop. I was really excited about this order as it had some new colours.
Like many other yarnaholics I love to play with my yarn, that means placing balls of yarn on the table and look for the perfect combination, usually for blankets. Last week I made a new yarn packet with Cygnet DK and I love, love, love the combination.
It has that Autumn-look I adore. From left to right: Harvest-Mulberry Mix-Bluebell-Maple-Fern-Heather. They're all blended yarns, except the Fern, which I really love. I might add some Vintage Rose to it though, now I have this in stock.
I hope Cygnet will add many more pretty colours to the DK- and the Chunky range, like Denim and Duck Egg. Please, Cygnet? Denim, and Duck Egg? Yes, Denim and Duck Egg would be nice, very, very nice ....
I was hoping for another delivery to arrive today, but it didn't arrive yet, so I must be patient. Which is hard as I don't do 'patient'. It's a box of yarn for a special project I cannot tell you about it yet, but I am só excited to work on this! I'll use some colours of byClaire nr.2 Softmix. Ow, lucky me. Never used them before so I am very excited about this ....

This pic is from my first sample and after a bit of 'fine-tuning' it's already in use. And now I am going to crochet one with the Softmix. Soon I'll sell the Softmix also in my webshop, but first I have to finish my project.
Ow, and I almost forgot, here's another sneak peek I can show you. It's a project with Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky, but there are plans to make this item also with Rowan Pure Wool or SMC Extrafine Merino.
Kitten Saar is also very interested in this project and just had to photobomb the picture. Bless her.

Have a nice day!

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En hartelijk dank voor de reacties op mijn sjaalpatroon! xx

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