Friday, 13 January 2017

Just simple granny squares

It is almost embarrassing, the amount of Annell Rapido yarn I have in my craft room. I kinda have forgotten about it. I have bought this yarn when I just started with crochet and some of it I used in my very first blanket, the CAL 2014.
There are still some balls left in the box. Plus a cat.
And I liked the earthy muted colours (the greens are fab!) and the softness of this yarn so much I started to buy more for another blanket. But then another project came along. And another one. And more yarn. I have thinking about selling this stash, but I cannot, I love the colours sรณ much.

And now, after watching Sandra’s podcast “Cherry Heart” and her Debbie Bliss granny square skirt (it’s absolutely stunning!) I knew what to do with my Annell Rapido yarn: crochet another blanket. What I’ll do is making one granny square per day, three or four rows per square.The granny’s are small so that goes really fast. The last row will be in blended moss green (no. 3220) as I have 5 balls of that. And I am not allowed to buy any more yarn. Can’t afford that anyway, so that’s a plus. ๐Ÿ˜€

Maybe I’ll use one of the other greens as well for the fourth row, as I am not sure the moss green will be sufficient. Now, today is the twelfth of January (when I write this down), so this means I need to do some catching up.
Making twelve squares. And I also have loads of other stuff to do: finishing my diagrams for my book, writing tutorials, working out the patterns of my two new blankets, etc. etc. … Ah well, it keeps me of the street … ๐Ÿˆ


  1. Your blanket is going to look lovely; granny squares are so quick to work up and you'll have done so many of them without really thinking about it. Love your photo of your peeping puss cat! xx

    1. Thank you, Christine! Yes, granny squares are always a good idea, they are so quick to make. :-)