Thursday, 9 March 2017

I sewed a bag!

Last year I learned how to knit, this year I want to learn how to sew. Years ago I bought a sewing machine, but I have only used it three times, I think. When watching the lovely podcasts of Jools (Sew Sweet Violet) and Sam (Betsy Makes) I am always drooling when I see their amazing project bags. I really, really wanted to make one myself! But my sewing machine and I don't get along very well. Nope, we are not friends. I have been sitting in front of that machine in tears once, seriously, I kid you not. So, last Tuesday me and my sewing machine visited my Mum, who showed me what to do and how it all works. She is a very skilled sewer and always made her own and me and my sisters clothes. According to her there's nothing wrong with my machine. Which basically means, it's me.
No, she doesn't do subtile ... 😏 The next day, I dove into my big wooden box (it really is a big box) that is filled with all sorts of fabric. Most of the fabrics are fabric coupons, second hand pieces or old curtains, which is great for a project to practice new skills. This partically bag was made with coupons of curtain fabric. 😊
I followed the tutorial of Nicole from Hue Loco. She is wonderfull and also a very patient teacher as you can play the tutorial over and over again. Which I did and I now know this video almost by heart. For the zipper-instructions I found Rachel's tutorial very clear. But when I needed to sew over the zipper the needle got kind of stuck so I didn't dare to finish that part.
Therefor I also skipped the topstitch on the zipper. When adding the little piece for the keyring I first added the keyring to it and then sewed the little piece of fabric into the bag. Later I added the 💛.
I had thought I would take me three days to make the bag but it took me a couple of hours in the afternoon. As you can see it is slightly crooked and there are some mistakes with the seams. But hey ... in the end of the day .... hatseflats.... I made a little project bag!
And guess what, I already started a second one. This one'll be bigger and has pockets on the inside. Ow .... I think I've got myself a new hobby. ✂

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