Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Project bags

Those project bags, they're kind of addictive. To make them, I mean. I have watched many tutorials how to make them, and I now have my own way, developed my own 'pattern'.

So I keep making more bags and some of them I use for a crochet wip, or a knitting project. But I can't keep all of the bags myself, we don't have that much room in our house and therefor I decided to sell them in my Etsy shop.
The bags have inside pockets and something extra. 😀 

I really like this grey and white one, I'd love to keep it myself ... (but I'm not allowed)

At the moment I only have two project bags in the shop, but I am planning to make a lot more. As I said, it's addictive. You can find my Etsy shop here.


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