Monday, 27 March 2017

The Oaklet Shawl

I have mentioned it before, I like watching podcasts. When home alone all day it can get a bit lonely sometimes, and when watching a podcast it feels like I have some company. In the last podcast of Sew Sweet Violet, Jooles talked about the Oaklet Shawl. Now, I am still not much of a very skilled knitter, but I thought I should give this shawl a go.Why not try something new? The pattern is a free pattern by Megan Goodacre and you can find it on Ravelry.
The pattern says you should use a fingering weight yarn and a 3.75 mm circular needle. I decided I wanted a bigger shawl and therefor I knit mine with a chunky yarn and a 6mm needle. So I started with Cygnet Grousemoor Chunky, colour Fawn.
It is one of my favourite colours. After a couple of rows I made a silly mistake, and I had no clue how to solve that. That was a job for my Mum, but she lives a forty minute drive away. There was only one thing I could do, as I wanted to continue knitting: to cast on a new shawl on another circular needle.
Olraiteden, this time with colour Rose. But because I used a thicker yarn, soon my needle was too short. I needed my first needle, which was longer… The only thing I could do was to unravel attempt Fawn and to continue with that longer needle. 😒
So far, attempt two goes well. Yesterday was a lovely sunny day, I even knitted outside in the garden. And my shawl grows. I know have knitted twenty-five rows each (you must knit row two and three fifty-five times).

To be continued ….


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