Friday, 1 June 2018

Project 333 ... one month later

It's one month ago I started my first Project 333 (by Courtney Carver). You can read about it here (in Dutch only, sorry, but there are pictures too 😀) So, a little review how it all went.

The first day of May was a very cold one, here in The Netherlands. The day before I had organized my closet, but on May 1st I already had to make a change. I needed some socks and warm shoes. It really was too cold for ballerina's or clogs (I wear these without socks). So I swapped my clogs (the ones with the lovely flower decoration) for a pair of shoes. Shoes I have bought second hand years ago and don't wear very often.

I only wore them that first day, by the way. But then May became warmer and warmer. On the chillier days I wore my linnen trousers or my jeans, but what I have worn most of the time were my dresses. There are six dresses on my list and so far five were worn. As I had all of my clothing hangers with the closed side pointed at the wall I can see what I have been wearing. I still haven't worn everything from my current Project 333-items, like the two white blouses. 

And that's rather weird as I love to wear white blouses, and shirts. Talking about shirts. A couple of my white t-shirts have staint and tiny holes. They have got to go, but I won't throw them away yet. Must wear them two more months.
So, what is my opinion on this Project 333 so far? I think it's great. In the morning there are hardly any doubts about what to wear. In the first few days I had to bear in mind what I wanted to wear on certain events a couple of days ahead. No problem whatsoever.

At the end of May, when we had temperature records over here I bought a pair of flip flops (€1,79). It was only when I got home, I remembered I wasn't "allowed" to do that.
But, then again, I've sold my lovely flower-clogs 😥 (they didn't fit me properly) ...

I really don't miss any of my other clothes. And I still do the laundry two, sometimes three times, a week, so I have plenty of items to wear.
Right, one month done, two more to go. I can do this. So can you.


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