Friday, 8 June 2018

Spring , or is it Summer?

When I was a child I could sunbathe for hours. Those days are over. I am no longer a child, and longer I want to be in the heath. But May was warm, very warm. Ofcourse I do like the sun, but that heath ... it is just not my 'thing' anymore. And when it is hot I am not a very productive person, my house becomes a mess, and everthing is just too much. I literally have trouble breathing.
Our garden was very happy with the warm temperatures though. Look at those fab raspberries. And the little pear tree is also full of pears-to-be.


My French castle plant, as I call it, has yet survived another Winter. A couple of years ago we visited my sister-in-law, who lives in France, and there I picked a little sprout from a castle wall. Yes, I know that is not allowed (I think?), but I just couldn't resist. This little sprout grows and grows, I have now five pots of castle plants. They are so easy to cut. Don't know the name of this plant, unfortunately.

The turtle is not ours, I found it when I was on my way home on my bicycle from shopping. It was sitting in the grass, next to a ditch crawling towards the road. I took it home and called the Dierenambulance (Animal Rescue Center), asked them what to do. Apparently turtles are dumped a lot! Anyway, I could not bring it back, cars would kill it, so I brought it to the pond behind our house. There are no roads there and there 's plenty of food. Later that afternoon I went to check upon him, but he was gone. Anyway, I hope "Billy" is okay.

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